Dogs create some of the silliest moments in our lifetime. Though they cannot tell funny jokes to their fur parents, their ridiculous actions and facial expressions liven the atmosphere.

With this, a funny dog shows us his silly side as he makes hilarious noises when he sees Mom using a water hose. By the looks of it, time can only tell before this eager pooch snaps out of his control.

Mom, can I play with it?

In this short yet adorable video footage, a black-furred pooch named Psycho stares intently at an interesting object. And, it seems this pooch can’t take its eyes off the object as he gazes at it even while biting on another thing.


However, as soon as the pooch heard the sound of water coming from his object of interest, he can’t help but feel excited over it. As one listens to the sound of water continually dripping, Psycho lets out an excited yelp that sounds more like a bird chirping.

As the video progressed, Psycho continued producing the chirping sounds to express his eagerness. Curious as to what caused the pooch’s excitement, the camera then shifts its focus to the object in question.

No, you can’t play with the hose.

The moment the camera shifted its focus towards the water source, you’ll soon realize what the object is. It seems this curious little pooch’s overexcited whenever its fur parent uses the water hose to water the plants.

This scene continued for a few seconds, with Psycho not relenting from his chirping. At some point, the pooch even attempts to catch the water hose from his fur parent’s hand to play with it.

Do you think Psycho became successful with his stint? You’ll only learn about the ending if you watch the entire video below.

Video Credit: Rumble Viral via YouTube



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