When you visit a rescue or a shelter, you have a specific goal in mind: to pick the dog that you think will fit in your family. In hindsight, you will realize that there are dogs that will be left behind. Nonetheless, have you ever thought about the fate of these dogs?

Chances are, there are some dogs at shelters that are not chosen immediately. They often end up staying there for too long. Shelter managers often feel sad because they think people don’t pick these dogs because there is something wrong with them.

Dogs that have been staying in the shelter for quite some time often run the risk of being put down. This is the reason many shelters work double-time to have these dogs adopted.


Thankfully, there are people like Leslie Sacks, a woman who is willing to adopt unwanted and unpopular dogs.

An angel to senior dogs

Leslie went to the Ashville Humane Society and asked which of the shelter’s dogs had been there the longest. She even stressed that she was looking for dogs that had special needs.

The shelter immediately introduced Leslie to Brutus and Sam. Both senior dogs had medical problems; Brutus even had separation anxiety and was supposed to be put down.

Leslie agreed to adopt the dogs. The beautiful moment was captured via a video. It showed Leslie putting the two senior dogs in the car while she gave them some words of appreciation.

Leslie went back for more

Leslie was a dedicated dog lover who wanted to take care of senior dogs. Throughout her life, she had cared for more than 40 senior dogs, explaining that she was glad to give them a new home in the remaining years of their lives.

She even went to another shelter where she adopted five dogs. Leslie also came back to the Ashville Humane Society and adopted another senior dog named Lily.

Video Source: Inside Edition via YouTube



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