Perhaps one of the most entertaining types of video out there are pranks involving dogs. It’s always interesting to see how dogs will react to ridiculous or outrageous scenarios. Of course, the jokes are harmless and all done in the spirit of fun.

The vide start with Maymo and Potpie two relax looking dogs. They’re inside a room decorated to look like the inside of a barn. You can already guess the theme of the video by the opening seconds. However, the next thing that happened came as a shock to the dogs.

Out of the blue, a giant chicken appeared. To be precise, it was a man wearing a giant inflated chicken costume. That doesn’t make it less shocking, though. After a few seconds, Maymo and Potpie regained their composure.


The giant chicken began flapping its inflated wings all over the room. The two dogs no longer seemed phased. The chicken left after it realized the shock value was no longer working. But the antics didn’t stop there.

The two dogs moved to the couch and are minding their own business. Suddenly a wild inflated chicken appears by the doorway. It’s dancing. For a short while, it got Maymo’s and Potpie’s attention. But they look like they couldn’t care less. It was time for another move.

The chicken took out his bag of unbreakable eggs and threw them on the floor one by one. This surely got the dog’s attention. They started going towards the scattered eggs out of curiosity.

Next, the giant chicken brought out two deflated rubber chickens. The ones that make a horrible noise when squeezed. At this point, everything was looking absurd. That seems to be the point of all of this, though.

In the middle of the chaos, a guest dog appeared. It’s Penny, another dog of the same breed as Maymo and Potpie. It seems she was only interested in the rubber chicken as she took one and went away.

The video concludes with one hilarious antic that you have to see for yourself. Check out the video below. Watch how Maymo, Potpie, and Penny react to all the silliness.

Video courtesy of Maymo via YouTube.



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