There are some things that your dog cannot tell you because they cannot speak like people do. That is why experts are here to help out owners know some things that dogs want their owners to know. Here are some of them and you can use them to learn more about your dog and understand them a whole lot better.

Thing #1: Overfeeding is not a good thing for a dog.

An organization that is focused on helping out and understanding dogs has done a study and it has found out that many dogs are overweight or are obese. So dogs do not need to be fed each and every time they ask for food. Being overweight or even obese can lead to health problems like heart disease, cancer, arthritis, or even other ailments that are not good for the dog.

Owners are asked to consult with a vet to know just how much food is good for the dog that they have. This is to ensure that the dog is getting enough and not too little or too much.


Thing #2: Old dogs still need exercise.


Just the right amount of exercise is always good for people. It is also good for dogs. And it does not matter if the dog is old. They still need their exercise. You can go and walk around the block with your old dog. Your dog will love you for it. Plus, he also loves the feeling of having you spend time with him.

Thing #3: Being free in the backyard does not necessarily equate to exercise.

Most dog owners think that dogs would be getting their exercise when they just leave them in the backyard without their leash on. They think that the dogs would go running and playing around in the free space. But the thing is, dogs will not do such a thing. They love being with other dogs or with people. If they are alone, they will just sit there or lie down and wait until they have someone or some dog with them there. So be sure to spend time with your dog because it would be the best way for him to get some exercise.

Thing #4: Dogs do not wreck havoc just because.

Experts studying dogs found out that these animals do not simply wreck havoc just because it is what they are. However, dogs will be wreck havoc because they are bored. Think of them as toddlers left all alone. They will get into a lot of things to keep themselves amused.

Thing #5: Dogs love consistency.

Dogs love to be consistent. So if you start something with them, they will look forward to you doing it with them the next time around. So be careful what you will do with your dogs or they may start expecting you to do it. Use this to your advantage and to teach your dog some things that would be good for both of you like setting good behavior or making him do good things.



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