One’s spirit plays a big role when it comes to survival. Your perception of yourself and life will matter a great deal. This dog was born with a rare condition where his feet looked like penguin feet, and he would be moving while flat on his tummy.

A breeder was trying to sell him as is, but fortunately, a rescue heard about it and was able to save him. They were unable to keep him though, as he is a high-risk candidate of being euthanized. The rescue knew they needed to find him a foster fast.

A family saw Axel’s picture and wanted to foster him. It was only about two days into fostering when they decided to keep Axel. They could tell that he has a great personality and he needed a family.


Axel has always been a happy dog, even on day one of the fostering, and the family could tell how glad he is. Unfortunately, the family noticed that his condition was getting worse and his back leg was getting badly deformed.

Aryn Faile, his mom was helping him with therapy. They were doing stretches daily. For a couple of months, there was very slow progress.

Somehow, just overnight, Axel was showing fantastic progress. He was even hopping on the grass and was able to pull himself up. Axel’s brother, Xander, was a big help in Axel’s development as he tries to keep up with him.

He is showing that he is getting stronger every day and can even use the treadmill. His progress surprised everyone, and the surgeons said that he was worth the surgery. Axel has come so far and has motivated and inspired a lot of people.

For what he has achieved, and the message that he is sending with his story makes his family very proud of him.

Source The Dodo via YouTube



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