When being a dog lover such as myself, I heard such a bad news of an unfortunate incident to a dog. People might think or feel that the dog-owning people are just being over reactive by mourning over the loss of their dogs.

However, the truth is it doesn’t matter if your pet was a cat, dog, hamster or etc. We will get really sad and cry when our cherished and adorable pet has passed away for any types of reasons such as sickness or car accident.

For this case as a dog lover, your own pet is never “just a dog”.


When humans are sad or happy, studies have shown that dogs very often do know and they are able to recognize our facial expressions, communicate jealously or display empathy by paying attention to us.

Likewise, dog will get distress but they still also would like to do something to help when we are crying such as bringing a pack of tissue box or cuddling with us in warmth to bring us comfort and to console us.

Even if the doors are being held shut by the three small magnets, the dog will do anything he can to get through the door when the owner is unhappy or sad.

According to Senior Study Author Julia Meyers-Manor, an assistant professor of psychology at Ripon College mentioned that experts had discovered dogs moaned out by growling and did not open the door more often when their owners are disheartened.

However, dogs want to accompany their owners so badly that most of the time even if they were shown of being unpleasant by us humming continuously, they still want to be with their owners.

The dogs reacted and responded 40 seconds faster when their owners were crying more than humming. The reason for that is a reflective of empathy with stronger bonds.

Hard to say, she said as we can’t just simply confirm that dogs just wanted to help their owners or lighten their own mourning. This still remain uncertain till today.

Usually, my peers shared with me that they weep in sorrow over the trial and mishap of a dog than their relatives, friends or family members. Studies have shown for most people grieved over the loss of a dog than a human being.

Reasonably, people do notice and found out that the bond between the dogs and their owners are everlasting and unyielding.

Despite the fact that their dog has passed away, this would surely still give the dog owners necessary strength to carry on and live out their life to the fullest.

The frequently asked question is:
“What makes a dog breed better than a human being?”
In every respect, that makes humans to have an unshakable bond with them.

One reason as it may be our interrelation bonds with dogs are much more pleasant and refreshing than human connection and friendship which dogs often give us indiscriminating and absolute good feedback in everything we do.

Researchers have shown that dogs will be able to interpret and be aware of humans for being impulsive or bad design motive to hurt their owners or don’t get along with their owners and befriend with them.

Without exception uncommonly, humans give very good feedback and appreciate them with unmeasured affection of their true loyalty.

People are always fascinated with dog’s expression of expression of expressing friendliness and put on a happy expression by making people feel peace and at ease to smile and laugh better than people who own cats or no pets at all.

Our deep connections with our dogs have become a part of us as dog owners. We often get spaced out and mixed up with the name of the family dog which have the same name with human family members or contains other members of the family in our subconscious mind.

Strangely, it barely happens to cats.

Therefore, this make the dog owners grieved over the loss of dogs so much than the others.

According to psychologist Julie Axelrod mentioned the cost of losing a dog is so terrible and agonizing.

Dog owners do not just lose a pet but a life-long buddy or even an important family member who provides unconditional love and even being a protector that protects our home from bad strangers or burglars that raid our homes.

Dogs sometimes may even become a “Star Student” like a child that has been mentored by a good teacher.

The catastrophe of a dog can seriously be disheartening and can affect an owner’s daily schedule completely like even a makeup routine or waking up early to prepare for the day and etc.

Dog owners would like to circulate their daily schedules with their dogs, just like a human body that circulates blood in it in order to pump and get the blood flowing to survive. Humans hate unexpected changes in their lifestyle and routine.

A recent written survey confer that most of the sad pet owners missed their pets behavior such as the good or bad habits, movements, expressions and attitude of the departed pet.

Usually, it happens to pet owners that have deep connection and memorable bond memories with one another after they had passed away.

Despite the unfortunate downfall life of a dog, dog owners will also be given to in the habit of settled in the comfort and consistent presence of dog companions.

Sooner or later, in the long run by the course of time they will just get a new buddy pal.

And so whatever may happen to my dog, I will walk through the pain and the suffering with my dog together. Instead of being fearful and astonished, trials and tribulations only make our bonds stronger.



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