Sgt. Craig Grossi is a US Marine who got assigned in Afghanistan during the war on terror back in 2010. While stationed at the base in Sangin, Craig and his unit were attacked continuously by the Taliban. Craig was also a part of the Marine recon unit, which was responsible for gathering vital intelligence that will help save the lives of his fellow soldiers.

One day, Craig and his unit were out on patrol when he saw a dog. The dog was innocently walking around, trying to be friendly to everyone. When the dog saw Craig, it got a little curious and decided to come closer. Craig stated that as the dog came closer to him, it started wagging its tail. He was surprised how the dog acted as he’d never met a dog that wagged its tail for a person it hadn’t met before.

That was the day when the Marine and a stray dog started their friendship and unbreakable bond. Craig helped the dog and got him out of danger. When a fellow marine stated that he looked like he made a friend. Craig misheard the marine and thought he said that the dog looks like a Fred. The name Fred eventually stuck, and that’s what Craig called him.


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The dog eventually started following Craig around everywhere he went. When Craig’s unit was coming back from patrol, Fred began to follow him back to base. Fred would even follow Craig when his unit went on covert night patrols. It’s like Fred knew he shouldn’t make any noise and remained quiet alongside Craig and his fellow Marines.

Craig and Fred became best friends and would spend a lot of time together. However, the US Marines had a strict policy at the base when it came to stray dogs. It wasn’t allowed, and if a stray dog were caught, it would be euthanized immediately. The Afghan commandos that lived in the base also didn’t appreciate having a stray dog live among them. The disagreement almost caused a gunfight among the US Marines and the Afghan commandos.

However, despite all the difficulties, Craig refused to give up on Fred and stayed by his side. Craig knew that he had to get Fred out of the country. He decided to smuggle Craig into Camp Leatherneck in his duffel bag. From there, he was able to get the sympathy of a group of DHL workers and a veterinarian and agreed to ship Fred back to the United States.

Eventually, Fred was reunited with Craig. Fred went crazy when he saw his human best friend and started licking his face. Craig didn’t expect it, but Fred also helped him. When Craig returned from Afghanistan, he wasn’t the same man. Craig suffered from a traumatic brain injury caused by a Taliban rocket that hit the base compound. He was also in the process of mourning the death of a fellow Marine.

Fred helped Craig deal with his mental and emotional issues. Craig had difficulty talking about his experiences in Afghanistan, but when Fred’s around, people would often ask what kind of dog he is. Craig would take this opportunity to tell Fred’s story. Craig rescued Fred from a war-torn country and gave him a new home. However, Craig didn’t expect that Fred would be there to help him cope with his bad experiences during the war. Here’s a heartwarming video of how two unlikely friends saved each other’s lives.

Video Source The Dodo via YouTube



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