Earlier this year, Eric’s owner asked a neighbor to look after him. But weeks later, no one showed up to pick him up. Without anyone else to care for him, Eric found himself in the RSPCA shelter. Since then, he’s been waiting for a forever home.

At 14 years old, Eric enjoys living his life at a much slower pace. Once in a while, he’ll delight is some zoomies. But at his age, he prefers to meander his way in life. And there’s one thing he really loves – sleeping.

Eric is lucky to have lived long. But after a hectic life, sleep is the most valuable for him now. He has to have uninterrupted sleep for no less than nine hours each night. He even goes to bed on his own during bedtime.


“Eric loves to snooze,” said RSPCA’s Danaher Animal Home Center Manager Deborah Satchell. “He goes to bed at 10 in the evening and won’t really be getting up until 7 in the morning. In the afternoon, he also enjoys long naps. He prefers cool spots such as the doorways or the tiled floors because his coat is thick and fluffy.”

Despite Eric’s deep love of sleep, he still loves people. He adores cuddling and napping with anyone he loves. Eric makes a great low-key companion. All his shelter friends know he’ll be a perfect addition to any family.

“He loves affection. His most favorite of all is when you scratch his ears and his back,” said Satchell. “We want to urgently find a retirement home for this senior dog. A nice comfy bed of his own will also be great.”

Although Eric has no issues being with other dogs, a home without cats or young children is what he needs. Because of his age, he’s almost completely deaf, so he may be jumpy at times. He also likes going on walks to see the world before his scheduled nap time at home.

“Eric is a lovely pooch. He likes to take life easily and will be a wonderful friend and companion to the right individual who will be opening up his/her home for him.”

Photo Credits to RSPCA



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