Christmas always brings a happy vibe to everyone. No matter one’s age, the holiday season always brings a smile to everyone’s faces, making one eager to celebrate it with their loved ones.

As such, it’s not surprising that a particularly adorable rescue dog eagerly helps out when Mom and Dad set up their Christmas tree. However, it seems this rescue pooch isn’t merely assisting as she wants something in return for her service.

Hi Dad! Do you need my help?

In this comical video, a man hunches over an artificial Christmas tree. By the looks of it, the man’s setting up their Christmas tree as they prepare for the holiday season.


A few seconds later, an adorable dog named Poncho enters the area where Dad’s assembling the Christmas tree. The loving pooch then greets Dad with a hearty kiss before taking a look at the newly constructed Christmas masterpiece in front of her.

As Dad continues tinkering with the tree, Poncho never leaves his side, as if she’s trying to ask Dad if he needs anything. But, it seems Dad’s pretty much okay without Poncho’s assistance as he carries on with the task.

Call me if you need help, okay?

As the minutes pass by, Dad quietly makes sure that he neatly arranges the Christmas tree. He even changes the position to inspect the tree thoroughly.

However, Poncho isn’t entirely satisfied with the leaves’ arrangement as she once again enters the room to make another inspection. But, just like earlier, Poncho greets her fur dad with a warm kiss before taking a look at Dad’s work.

This scenario continued until the end of the video, with Poncho intermittently entering the room to check on Dad’s work. But, do you think Poncho still offered her hugs and kisses to Dad? Watch the entire video linked below for you to find out.

Video Credit: Rumble Viral via YouTube



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