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A reporter’s job is not as easy as it seems. They get dispatched to different places no matter how bad the situation is; risking their lives to bring us quality news. It’s a hard job that only the bravest can do.

When Hurricane Florence hit North Carolina, the storm brought a lot of damage and flooding in the area of Bern, North Carolina. A local ABC station reporter was there to witness and cover the flooding. The storm severely damaged the area and residents needed to evacuate their houses for safety reasons.

Wilson, who was covering the news, was live streaming the damage that the storm had caused via Facebook. During the live coverage, she noticed the dog’s owner was struggling to get the dog out of safety. In the video, the water was knee-deep and can be seen struggling as the two navigate their way to safety.


Wilson didn’t think twice to drop what she was doing and offered help to carry the dog. She picked up the dog, but due to the large size of the dog, it was apparent that she struggled as well to carry the dog to safety.

She remembered comforting the dog and mentioned that no dog should be left behind. Wilson also said that the dog she carried into safety a therapy dog belongs to the woman’s son.

She recalls seeing the dog not walking, and just standing still. She was worried that the woman might not be able to lift the dog and hurt herself in the process.

The storm came to pass, but sadly, it has caused damages to properties, wherein some are beyond repair, and as the Hurricane came to pass, it caused death to at least six people as reported.

Watch the video below:

Thanks to our friends over at ABC News for sharing with us the original story.



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