A nurse’s job does not only involve charting, giving medicines, and following doctor’s orders. A nurse should also be caring, compassionate, and sensitive towards their patient needs.

They are mainly responsible for making the patient comfortable and make their hospital stay less traumatic. Their job is not as easy as you think; they are required to handle difficult and often life-threatening situations.

To sum it up, nurses are required to rise above the occasion and go the extra mile for their patient’s fast recovery.


A hospital nurse went above and beyond to help a family to reunite their dying grandfather with his beloved dog, Lil Fee.

David King was admitted to a hospital in Missouri, and his health was deteriorating faster than expected. He has been in the hospital for a week and only has his dog, Lil Fee’s photos in the room.

David’s wife would often talk to the nurse about Lil Fee, so they knew how important their dog is to Dave.

Some of us may know that not all hospitals allow pets in the hospital, of course, they carry bacteria, and hospitals cannot let their immunosuppressed patient’s health getting compromised.

Aware of the policy, the family is still determined to bring their grandfather’s pet in the hospital.

Dave’s wife talked to the nurse in charge and agreed to help the family. They plotted a plan on how they can sneak the dog in the hospital. The nurses asked her to place Lil Fee inside a bag that is big enough to hold their dog and was carried by the nurse inside their room.

Ellie Miguel shared the moment on her Twitter account. She said that for the first time her uncle moved his hand to pet his dog.

Her post went viral, and a lot of people were moved and thankful for the nurse’s help.

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