Who hasn’t tried playing one of the most prevalent childhood games called hide-and-seek? This game’s so popular it’s unusual if you haven’t tried playing even just once.

As such, Sebastian, the Newfoundland did not let the opportunity pass without playing a game of hide-and-seek with his best friend.

I’m ready!

In the video taken by Sebastian’s fur mom, one can see the pooch intently looking at the camera. While it seems like Sebastian’s calmly communicating with the camera, a girl’s high-pitched cry suddenly came out of nowhere.


As soon as the pooch heard the words “I’m ready,” he immediately dashed out the door towards their backyard.

It turns out, Sebastian and her human sister Sierra play a game of hide-and-seek. Since Sebastian’s the It in the game, he starts searching for his “lost” sister.

Where could she be?

Sebastian starts off searching for Sierra at the pool area. He paces back and forth between the reclining chairs, but there’s no sign of the hiding girl there. As such, Sebastian proceeds to search for Sierra in the other nearby areas.

The pooch continues searching for the “lost” girl in the lawn area, but still no sign of her. Sebastian then saunters off towards the girl’s bicycle. Unfortunately, the girl still isn’t there.

Making another attempt at finding the girl, Sebastian dashes to the yoga area, but still, he couldn’t find Sierra. The pooch’s undoubtedly out of his wits already, but he refuses to give up.

Aha! There you are!

Sebastian’s about to give up the chase, but Sierra suddenly shouts at the pooch, perhaps taunting him to find her. As if on cue, the pooch made one last attempt at finding the girl.

The dog made one last tour of the lawn, craning its neck from left to right in the hopes of finding his favorite human. But, as it’s clear that the girl isn’t hiding there, Sebastian turns around and heads somewhere he did not check yet.

Where do you think Sierra hid all this time? To solve the mystery behind Sierra’s hiding place, feel free to watch the adorable video below.

Video Credit: Rumble Viral via YouTube



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