The journey of a Pit Bull who was thrown down a garbage chute from the 22nd floor of a building is nothing short of extraordinary. The dog, named Patrick, is a picture of inspiring resilience and hope.

Patrick was greatly neglected by his previous owner. He was starved to the point of being severely emaciated. Literally skin and bones, the dog weighed only 19 pounds.

The one-year-old Pit Bull had been living with his former owner in a New Jersey apartment. One day, his owner had to go somewhere outside the state for one week. However, instead of finding someone to take care of her dog, she left him tied outside her apartment where he was exposed to cold temperatures.


While she was gone, someone saw Patrick and put him inside a trash bag. The person then mercilessly threw the trash bag into the garbage chute. Patrick fell down 22 floors into the ground.

His ordeal didn’t end there. As the garbage truck arrived, the collectors began to toss the trash bags into the compactor at the back of the truck. Thankfully, the building’s janitor noticed something was moving inside one of the bags. When he opened it, he was shocked to see Patrick.

The janitor turned Patrick over to animal rescue, where he was given treatment. The dog’s body temperature was extremely low, so they did everything they could to keep him warm. The veterinary doctor who tended to him said Patrick was probably starved for months.

When the dog was a bit recovered, they began to feed him. Patrick’s health improved with the love and care he received from the people around him.

Despite what he went through, Patrick’s trust in people was not broken. He thrived in the attention of people. It seemed like he couldn’t stop himself from caring for them, especially when they gave him the affection he had longed for from his previous owner.

The veterinary doctor’s wife liked Patrick so much that she adopted him. Finally, Patrick was now part of a loving forever family. On the other hand, his former owner got what she deserved; she was convicted of animal neglect and abandonment, for which she pleaded guilty.

Source: eMystery via YouTube



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