Just as dogs are always being our “man’s best friend. How about our kids and newborn babies? When my lil baby boy was born on the same day with my pup, I knew it was the time signal of good mutual bonding between the two of them.

My lil golden retriever pup always stay close with my lil boy as if they were brothers and thinks that they’re both the same species. Both of them walk the same level and going through the stage of chewing on everything.

Similar to humans, dogs also have feelings and experiences in life will determine their true personality traits such as physically, emotionally and psychologically.


As I have mentioned like humans, they will present themselves confidently or sometimes maybe not confidently to others due to feelings and experiences in life.

An insecure dog will often feel scared and unsure of things in different situations such as new locations, meeting strangers or unfamiliar dogs.

When an insecure dog is being separated from the owner, they will surely appear to be less confident as they are worried about finding their owner and survival.

However, the good news is even if your dog was born with the tendency of being less-assured and less-settled with doubt. There are still many ways to boost up their confidence regarding these types of situations.

In order to increase dog’s self-assurance, make sure that you always bring your dog to outdoors frequently by strolling in the park with them in the neighborhood to get familiarize by knowing more people and other dogs around them.

It doesn’t matter if these people are strangers, friends or families just as long as they are dog-lovers just like you. This way is the first step for them to boost their self-assurance to handle when they are being separated from their owners.

To boost even more confidence in your dog by breaking out of their comfort zone, it is to increase canine sports. Dogs that are energetic, physically fit, and able to perform jumps in different types of sports will also boost up their athleticism.

However, it will surely depend on the demographic of a dog such as dog’s breed, age, physical condition and gender etc.

Always remember and take note that a insecure dog must learn by acquiring & demonstrating skills as this will significantly slowly and surely boost out their self-confidence and it teaches what is expected and how to respond.

Before you go down on that path to train or engage in dog sports, always proceed at your dog’s pace.

After your dog has learned most of the necessary skills, it will be time for your dog to go back to a skill that he or she already knows and enjoy performing up to even more difficult and advanced level by building it up with small incremental steps to keep on finding what type of skills they enjoy the most.

Sometimes your dog goes out to the park or any new places of surroundings. Some dogs may even become hostile or wary of it as they had gone to a new place without knowing or recognize the familiar people and dogs.

When that happens, you must make a habit of rewarding and comforting your dog through feed treats or reassuring them again and again by padding their head and say “Good Boy/Good Girl, you have done a great job with a smiley face.”

This is a good way to educate them by toughen and shape them up when they encountered new dogs, new people and new places.

Of course, please take note to go slow and be patient with your dog while learning as socialization is a crucial key skill set that must be learned specifically and correctly.

Different dogs adapt and learn with different paces as some may be faster and some may be slower.

Therefore, the necessary step is to introduce them to others most of the time and ensure that eventually they will become more comfortable and confident each and every single time.

By making activities more interesting, observe them with detailed observation to adjust it to their comfort level and building them up for success.

Just like my lil boy and pup, it doesn’t matter whether they are born on the same day or not. The most important thing is to continuously build up our bonds with them and the people around them till the end 🙂



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