Coughing in dogs is not as common as with humans. We cough to clear our throats or if were sick with the flu. But with animals, it can be a symptom of several problems. Its important to note that your dog’s breed, as well as existing health problems, can also play a role in canine coughing.

And just like humans, a persistent dog coughing can be a signal for a more serious medical condition. That is why it’s important that certain precautions be followed whenever you notice your canine companion to be coughing.

Kennel coughing signs

Described as being deep, dry and often a hacking cough, kennel or a canine cough becomes worse with exertion. It has been known that dogs placed in situations where they have been exposed to a large number of dogs, such as being boarded recently, are prone to get infected.


In addition, if you notice that your pet’s coughing can be compared to high-pitched coughing, with swallowing motions and may constantly lick his lips, bring him to the vet. He or she may diagnose your canine buddy with a sore throat or tonsillitis. However, it is also important to note that something is stuck on your dog’s throat.

Another form of kennel coughing is the wet cough. This type of coughing may sound like gargling. This can indicate that there is fluid built up in the lungs. In many cases, the fluid can also be phlegm. A cough is often identified to be occurring in many pneumonia cases in dogs. It is often caused by bacteria, fungi, viruses and sometimes parasites.

Older tiny toy breeds are also known to be affected by kennel coughing. This is usually because of their weight, which is often overweight, as their being overexcitable. The coughing is often described like a goose giving a deep honk. This coughing is often associated with the medical condition called collapsing trachea.

Heart diseases in dogs can also exhibit dog coughing. Usually, this form of cough will occur at night, in which he is typically lying down. The most popular dog breed known to suffer from heart problems is the Cavalier King Charles Spaniel.

What you can do

Once you notice that your dog is coughing for quite some time, it’s best that you bring him to your vet. He or she will then conduct a thorough medical assessment and then give your dog the treatment that she needs. Usually these coughing conditions are manageable. The important thing is, it was caught on time and not when it is too late.

Fortunately the conditions listed above are treatable. Your vet can prescribe antibiotics that could treat the main health problem and along with it the kennel coughing. You know how uncomfortable it is to be plagued with coughing. Give your dog the treatment that she needs by bringing her to the vet as early as possible.

Catching the problem early on will not only treat a cough but improve the quality of life of your beloved companion. If a cough becomes persistent, take it seriously.



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