A Chow Chow is one of the fluffiest dogs out there. If you like cute dogs, this breed fits that description. Are you curious what it’s like owning a Chow Chow? Take a look at this one family from South Korea and their dog named Chorong.

It’s hard to tell what Chorong’s expression is. His eyes don’t really show much. So you can only guess by observing his actions.

Chorong has one favorite activity. It’s sleeping, and he likes to do it a lot. His owners wonder if he’s actually a bear because of all the hibernation.


On one occasion, the wife of the owner is doing some artwork on the floor. Guess who dropped by and made a mess? Of course, it’s none other than Chorong. The adorable dog even licked the paint, and this made the owners concerned.

The owners are really kind, and they didn’t get angry even if Chorong did something upsetting. After wiping the dog’s mouth, they immediately went to the bathroom to give the dog a bath and wash off all the paint in his mouth.

The real challenge came after the bath. Drying a fluffy dog requires patience and a powerful hairdryer. Of course, one must not forget the towel. If you want to own a breed like this, you should prepare yourself for situations like this.

Shedding also happens a lot for a furry dog. You have to expect that too. Being an excellent caretaker to Chorong isn’t easy.

Before the day ends, the producers are shown an astonishing trick. It was surprising in a different way. The owner had Chorong pick between a snack and a piece of plastic. She made sure to crumple the plastic so that it would emit sound during the process. Chorong chose plastic.

A Chow Chow’s ears are more developed than its eyes. That’s why they are attracted more to the sound than the visual. That’s an essential lesson for anyone who wants to own a Chow Chow.

Original story by SBS TV via YouTube.



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