Why dogs keeps on barking even if it’s unnecessary? Dog barks and that is unavoidable because that was their instinct to give us a warning or they want some attention or something from us.

A redundant barking of a dog can cause disturbance to others serene atmosphere and some of us are easily get irritated when we were interrupted by the nuisance barking of the dog.

Never hurt them

Some of us just get their headsets or earphones to reduce some noise but most of us put some action to end it,but before laying hands on them find out the root of their misbehavior.

So i listed some reasons why dogs becomes a nuisance barker and how to lessen and to prevent it from doing so.


They are bored


Presumably it is because of exasperation they are surfeit on what they do and what they want to do but they can’t because they are stuck on a their cages,so let them explore to the outside world by walking with them on a sidewalk or let  them be free  for a minute on the yard.

Playing and running around can amend their boredom and refreshes their mood.

They are distracted

Possibly they are also exhilarated on what they saw specially when there is unfamiliar persons passing through them they get distracted and started to get some attention,so try to put your dog in an inactive place that nobodies gonna distract them and start an unnecessary, animal, pet

They are dominant

Also dogs are aggressive when they are pregnant or newly giving birth because they don’t want anybody to harm their offspring and also they are easily get angry when someone is stepping to their territory ,even us we don’t want anyone trespassing to our properties.

Train them to bark in a right reason

There are many ways to train dogs that helps them to bark  necessary, the owner must know when to reward them in a right way because rewarding them in a wrong way lead to the confusion of the dog.beach, puppy, dog

Do not force them to stay quit by yelling at them or hurting them because it may lead to frighten them.

Some owners uses commands to get their attention but first of all the most important thing is to build a foundation that leads them to a successful dog and owner partnership.

The owner must possess leadership to be a good example to their pets and can demonstrate calmly and must know the behavior of the their dog to prevent them from barking.

The owner must be responsible in feeding and bathing their pets everyday because dogs also need to be clean to avoid from any sickness and start a  fresh and lively day for them.

The owner must keep in mind of giving their pets a quality time to bond to each other and try giving them a present like toys because dog can’t bark when they are holding a toy using their mouth.

Dogs are like a family to all of us love them ,be patient and accept them and be a responsible owner.


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