In October of 2016, the Humane Law Enforcement Team of Pennsylvania Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (PSPCA) rescued a bulldog mix named Bentley. The adorable canine weighs almost a hundred pounds, so it came as no surprise that people often mistook him for being a scary dog.

What most people did not know is that Bentley is a gentle giant who easily gets frightened. When Bentley became the shelter’s longtime resident, PSPCA’s staff and volunteers knew they had to do something.


Exhausting all efforts


Hoping to help Bentley find a forever home, PSPCA did everything, and I mean everything they possibly could. Immediately after taking Bentley in, they had him undergo behavior modification therapy so he would be comfortable around different people. They also made sure Bentley knows how to obey commands.

PSPCA’s staff and volunteers also kept posting about Bentley on their Facebook page so that more people would get to know him. They let Bentley wear costumes and took lots of pictures of him too. There was even a time when they dressed him up as the house in the movie, “Up.”

And if that wasn’t enough, PSPCA also devoted one day out of an entire week to showcase the adorable animal. They called it “Tuesdays with Bentley.” They also featured Bentley when they held a campaign called “Clear the Shelters,” which helped them raise $10,000.

Never give up

Despite all the efforts of everyone at PSPCA, however, no one came in to adopt Bentley. Nevertheless, they didn’t give up hope. Bentley went on to stay at the shelter for three years until the day everyone had been waiting for finally came.

A nice couple went to the shelter to see and adopt Bentley, who showered them with kisses to express his gratitude. Everyone at PSPCA was sad to see the dog they spent 1,076 days with go. But, they are happy to know that their beloved dog is no longer in his kennel for all the best reasons.

Credits to Pennsylvania SPCA



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