Heroes come in different forms and sizes. For a woman named Christine Spain, her hero is an eight-year-old pit bull named Lilly, who saved her life.

Spain’s son, a police officer named David Lanteigne, said his mother had been struggling with alcoholism for years. On the day that Lilly saved her, Spain had been drinking. She became too drunk that she passed out on the railroad tracks.


Because she was unconscious, she was unaware that a freight train was approaching. When Lilly saw that Spain was in danger, she immediately came to the 54-year-old woman’s rescue. The pit bull dragged Spain by her clothes away from the train.

The engineer on the train said he saw a woman being dragged from the tracks by a pit bull. Unfortunately, he couldn’t stop the train quickly enough, as the woman and the dog were too near.

The engineer saw the dog come between the woman and the train to shield her from the impact. When he finally stopped the train, he went down to check on them. The woman was unharmed, but Lilly’s right front leg got hit.

Lilly was taken to the hospital for treatment. Doctors had to amputate the dog’s right front leg, but they assured Lanteigne she would be fine.

The police officer was relieved to hear that his mother was safe. Moreover, he was deeply touched that Lilly risked her own life to make sure his mother was protected.

He visited Lilly in the hospital. He stroked Lilly’s fur to let her know how much he loved her and how much he appreciated what she did. He said the pit bull remained “true to form” and “true to character,” and because of that, his mom was alive.

Lilly contentedly rested her head on Lanteigne’s lap. She didn’t move nor bark. She seemed to enjoy being the baby for the moment.

Credits to: CBS



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