Dogs are great comfort givers. They seem to know who feels sad and would naturally gravitate toward that person and attempt to comfort him or her. Regardless of the person’s age, gender, and personality, that person will always find comfort in a loving dog.

Bailey, a golden retriever, is one of those dogs who are natural comforters. We find this to be true in a funny experiment his human dad caught on video.

The video begins with Bailey lying down on the sofa just like any other happy and contented dog. He wasn’t playing with anything and wasn’t even looking at his dad or the camera when the video started.


Soon, his dad started to pretend he was crying. He covered his face with his hands and even made some bawling sounds.

Bailey heard his dad’s cries and quickly responded by jumping off the sofa and doing his best to play with his dad. He would go around him over and over, kiss his dad repeatedly, and hug him like a baby.

Bailey’s dad did his utmost to keep “crying.” Bailey, on the other hand, did his best to stop his dad from crying and to make him happy. It’s a very adorable sight to behold.

Soon, Bailey played with his dad’s ears in an attempt to tickle them. At this point, Bailey’s dad could not hold his laughter any longer and stopped “crying.”

Bailey’s dad tried to do this experiment several times. In one of those times, Bailey didn’t seem to care; it’s as if he already knew that his dad was faking it. In other times, he’d quickly respond and would give his dad a big doggy hug every dog lover appreciates.

Dogs are more than just intelligent animals. They’re caring and loving pets who seem to know when we need them the most. And although they are unable to speak as humans do, they are able to give us comfort in ways only they can do.

Source: Funny Dog Bailey via YouTube



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