Learning a new skill isn’t an easy feat to accomplish. Aside from deciphering the basics of such a move, one also needs to practice diligently to achieve it.

However, it seems a particular pooch needs more practice sessions with its newly learned howling skill as he sounds more like a cow than a dog. Do you think the pooch finally achieved the ability at the end of the video?

Mom, listen to me.

In this hilarious short video clip, an adorable Labrador stands on their wooden floor. By the looks of it, something caught the pooch’s attention as it focuses its gaze towards a corner of the room.


Before anyone could decipher the dog’s next move, the Labrador starts howling loudly. However, it seems the dog’s howls sound more like a mooing cow rather than a dog calling out to someone.

As the video progresses, the pooch continues with its unique-sounding howls. Though one cannot see the dog’s object of interest, its incessant howling makes anyone who sees him focus their gaze on him.

What’s there, buddy?

Throughout the entire video, the howling pooch cannot stop producing its distinct sound. As you listen more closely, you’ll soon realize that the Labrador’s howling in response to its canine pal barking from a distance.

Soon enough, another adorable dog comes into view, taking its rightful place near the howling Labrador. A few moments later, the howling Labrador and the barking pooch carefully focus their attention towards a room corner, making sure not to take their eyes off it.

Anyone who gets to listen to the dog’s howling would eventually burst out laughing. One would think it’s how the pooch sounds every time it howls, but in reality, it’s its first time doing so.

Can’t get enough of this adorable Labrador’s cow-sounding howls? Click on the play button below to watch the entire video once again.

Video Credit: Rumble Viral via YouTube



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