Ever since the world began, cats and dogs are at opposite ends of the spectrum. Though there are a few exceptions, you cannot make these two furry animals interact with each other within the same room.

Thus, it’s not surprising to find a cute dog and feisty cat engage in an energetic battle. It seems the pooch’s winning through intimidation, but the little feline shows to us that size doesn’t matter to emerge victoriously.

Why’re you there, little kitty?

In this adorable short video clip, two furry animals face each other. One of the two animals’ a brown-furred pooch, while the other one’s a striped cat.


At first glance, you’ll think that the two animals converse with each other. However, you’ll notice the stern gaze both animals give each other at the moment.

Before anyone could guess what the two animals are about to do, the dog moves towards the cat. With a swift move, the dog swipes at the cat’s body using its paw.

Not so fast, my canine friend.

As the pooch made its attack on the feline, the cat retaliates with a quick swipe of its own. With this, the dog becomes more alert as it prepares another striking blow towards the feisty feline.

When energetic moves don’t intimidate the cat, the dog revises its strategy. The pooch then stands on its hind legs to make itself appear more massive than the cat while staring steadily at the cat’s eyes.

Before the dog strikes a mighty blow, the cat delivers a series of lightning-fast punches on the dog’s snout. With this, the dog could only step back a bit with a bemused expression on its face.

What do you think happened next? If you don’t want to miss the dog’s reaction towards the cat’s speed attack, watch the video linked below.

Video Credit: Rumble Viral via YouTube



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