K9 police dogs work very hard to protect the community. After a long day at work, these dogs deserve to get a taste of their favorite treat. And in this case, it’s vanilla ice cream.

A cool treat

It has been a hot day at work in the Fishers Police Department in Indiana. The officers, as well as the K9 police dogs, are glad that the long stressful day is over, and they can now relax and chill. But before they head home, a K9 handler decided to bring his police dog somewhere for a well-deserved treat – Handel’s Ice Cream and Yogurt stand.


The police dogs get treats quite regularly from their handlers, but the excitement never wears off each time. For this day, the four-footer Belgian Malinois is going to enjoy a cold and sweet treat, his ultimate favorite, vanilla ice cream.

A mad dash for ice cream

As soon as the dog realizes where his handler is leading him to, he couldn’t contain his excitement. He’s a big and powerful dog, and the handler can hardly keep him on the leash.

The pair crossed the street and approached the stand. The staff at the ice cream shop saw the dog approaching, and they knew what to do. They promptly prepared him a cone of vanilla ice cream and set it down on the counter.

The dog was too happy and excited that he couldn’t wait for them to hand the ice cream. Instead, he leaped on the counter and slurped on the ice cream. And like magic, the ice cream was gone in seconds!

Surely, having an ice cream treat is the sweetest way to end the day, especially for these dogs who often place their lives on the line to keep people safe.

You’re doing a great job, buddy, and you deserve your ice cream! Check out the dog’s amusing reaction to his treat on the video below.

Our K9’s need ice cream too!! 😂 … special thanks to our local Handel's Ice Cream & Yogurt Carmel and Fishers for the love and support! #policek9 #policeofficer #icecream #hotdays #k9unit #k9training #icecream #workingdogs #malinois #cooldown #love #specialtreat #cops #notadonutshop #k9partner #yesplease #reward #belgianmalinois #community #fishersindiana

Posted by Fishers Police Department on Monday, June 3, 2019

Thanks to the Fishers Police Department



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