Ever experienced a day or two where you want to do something with another person, but no one’s available? It seems everyone’s too busy with their own thing, so you end up doing the task on your own.

But, it looks like a particular English bully knows how to make entertainment – even if it means doing everything by herself.

Can we play? I’m bored.

It looks like Candy the English bulldog isn’t having a good day. Just take a look at how grumpy her face looks. However, the reason behind her grumpy façade’s revealed soon in the next few scenes.


Candy starts to bark, and at some point, even hides her face behind her bed. Moments later, she suddenly lunges at the camera, but ultimately misses her target.

Thrown off balance, Candy wobbles backward as she makes another aim at the camera.

Let’s go for another round, shall we?

This time, Candy successfully grabs on to her target, but with more of the snout than her paws. The pooch stumbles backward once again but quickly regains her footing.

With a sudden dash towards her bed, she crouches down low, assuming a playful stance. But, instead of moving forward, she lies back down on her couch, playing hide and seek with the camera.

When the camera still didn’t respond to her playful calls, Candy lets out another bark. It seems she’s annoyed at the camera’s lack of response.

Nah, I’ll play by myself.

And since there’s nothing a measly camera can do, Candy releases her annoyance at her bed. She starts squirming, biting it, then walks around in circles, as if chasing something that we cannot see.

The pooch even makes a few sideward glances at the camera, perhaps persuading it to join her game. But, all her efforts were futile, as the camera couldn’t do a thing to interact with her.

So, it looks like Candy needs to continue doing her one-pooch show to keep herself entertained – until she finds a suitable playmate.

If you want to see Candy’s live performance, then click on the play button below and watch the video until the end.

Video Credit: Poke My Heart via YouTube



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