Generally, dogs and cats are mostly by and large habitually able to stay together composedly without causing any trouble unless only it is being triggered by either one of them.

Planning, patience, and careful guidance will be the key to successful relationship.

Bringing a new dog or cat into your home, take note that a dog could possibly be more aggressive and can hurt the cat just by playing.


On the other hand, cats are more conservative and composed while playing unless they are angry or unhappy. For safety reasons, never placed your dog alone with your cat.

When pets in your family know each other better, sometimes one of them will be annoyed and err with the particular pet behavior or attitude.

Signals being misinterpreted between pets will cause the situation to cause and go mayhem.

For better coordination, always plan in advance before introducing your dog to a particular cat or other pets.

These are the few ways you can plan out in advance, examples such as please remember and make sure to organize your room by separating a cat’s room with a dog’s room in order to provide a safe place for your cat.

It is very important to place your cat’s litter box and a dog’s litter box in a different area. Many dogs eat cat feces and hiding in waiting to trap the cats in their litter box.

Therefore, place your cat’s litter box in a preserved place to avoid cats of relieve themselves all over the places in your house.

Providing a safe place for cats will also be vital as well. Dogs may get playful and mischievous and will eat cats’ food to provoke them.

However, it is too rich and flavorful for dogs, and dog food lacks the necessary nutritious diet requirement for cats’ eyesight and heart.

Teaching fundamental skills to a new dog will be the key to discipline and educate them to have self-control and good personal development. Basic commands such as “sit”, “stay” and “leave it”

Firstly, before you even anticipate your dog in various activity, nourishment will be first trigger point in order for them to be attentive, focus and well-behaved.

For trial test, you may place your cat in a watched safe and sound area, to see your dogs wander around the house for an hour in order to observe whether they will be able to find the cats by smelling.

Most likely, they will be able to find the cats. Hence, this just simply means they will only be able to meet the cats through smelling only, which will create a secure and safer path for the cats to walk and live in.

Attach a dog collar to his neck and a pet leads around his body to guide the dog in the correct direction when he starts to chase the cats or anywhere else.

Cats may be sensitive and become very nervous when they walk around with a dog.

Therefore, if you know your cat can’t tolerate him, place your cat in her carrier examples such as “Pets Jet Travel Carriers” or a “Pet Cargo Cabrio” to prevent her from hissing and running away vigorously.

You may also make use of the environment and surroundings to test out if the dog and cat will check each other at a distance.

Instruct your dog imperturbably that now it is still not the moment to be going near and chasing after the cat. Giving praise and rewards to your dog and cat will always be the key.

However, if your dog still insists and attempts to be disruptive and aggressive, teach and discipline him with the pet leash to calm him down and reward him again.

Basically, always remember to use the basic fundamental skills as I have covered before such as “sit”, “stay” or “leave it” with a firm commanding voice.

Afterwards, praise the dog and make sure you give him the treat that he deserves in order for the process to work by using this method to nurture and drill him naturally when he stops chasing after the cat for several times.

Before you even proceed to the next step, it is very important to make sure that they must feel loose, easy and relaxing between each other when they are able to display comfort and satisfaction.

Heretofore by many tests and trials, you will have to observe thoroughly whether they are up to the next step.

If you are confident that they get along very well for several times already, then let go of the leash but always remember to hold onto it tight when he chase after the cat again.

Sometimes things might just not turn out the way you want to be, if that happens encourage them with a reassuring and alleviating voice by calling out their names.

For any worst case scenario, if you are unable to stop and both of them are hurt, please use an enzymatic cleanser or white vinegar.

Monitors both of them specifically at all times, do not ever leave the cat and dog alone. Whenever situation arises, remember again always use the basic fundamental commands again and again, slowly and gradually make progress to make the no-leash sessions longer.

Make sure that your cat and your dog are comfortable with each other. Sometimes, even if the dog is interested in the cat and brings her home also depends on the mood and the chemistry between them.

It is also extremely vital to know if both of them is fine to eat and dine at the same particular spot. There is one trick you can use is to separate them, on either side of the door.

This trick will somehow deceit them in a good way that allows to connect in the mind of deception to enjoy each other’s “smell” while eating and swap their beddings at all times to familiarize with each other.

Be extremely caution and aware of their health, living lifestyle and make sure before you even introduce a dog to a kitten, I cannot emphasize enough but you must always use the basic fundamental commands at all times. If not, this little kitten will get injured or hurt by the dog.

When a puppy is born and make known to the cat, some cats may be friendly or cold. Therefore, be alert that if you have a shy cat, the puppy will not be able to understand the cat well.

Don’t be too overconfident when you are not sure what to do. Please seek professional help immediately as the longer the situation drags, the longer the problem between the two of them will remain unresolved.

However, no worries as dogs and cats are adorable and cute. With the correct direction and education, they will naturally support and appreciate one another and the dog might just bring another cat home and live together happily ever after! 🙂



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