Sometimes, medical experts give a diagnosis saying there is no more hope. However, miracles can happen unexpectedly, turning things around in the most pleasant of ways. This is what happened to the dog in our story.

Otto is a handsome dog who needed a miracle. You see, he was so traumatized by the abuse and hurt he received from his former owners. Every time a human would come and take him, he would freeze out of fear.

One day, Otto was rescued and taken to the vet. He was visibly terrified and scared of the people around him. He lay down on the surface where they placed him and refused to move even an inch. The animal health workers had to pull him out of the cage.


The poor dog was so traumatized that he peed on himself each time someone tried to move him. Fear was his instant reaction toward humans. Freezing seemed like some kind of defense for him. The people helping him felt sad for him and angry at what his previous owners did to him.

When animal behaviorists examined Otto, they said his trauma was so severe and deep that he would be unable to live with humans again. They suggested that he be placed in an animal sanctuary where he would feel safe enough for him to live normally.

Well, that didn’t happen. What happened was totally unexpected.

After a few months of undergoing intensive care and receiving nonstop love, Otto started to heal from his trauma. He began to trust humans again. He opened up and began to play with the volunteers. He started receiving their affection and love.

Soon, Otto was adopted and taken into a forever home – something people thought was impossible. His humans and his dog sibling loved him. Every day he spent with them gave him more room to heal.

Now, Otto is a lively, happy dog who doesn’t look like someone who had a traumatic past. Fully healed of his wounds and fully loved by everyone around him, he began to show who he truly was: a sweet, loving dog who wants to be happy with his humans.

Source: Viktor Larkhill via YouTube



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