In the early days, as being a child before whenever I watched my favorite cartoon show. I always had admired and was a big fan of the main character of the superhero in order to be just like the character.

Likewise for dogs, many heroic dogs have been introduced and make known to the public in the world.

Every year, heroic dogs are being added to the “Purina Animal Hall Of Fame” in Canada, and they are also being added to “The American Humane Association “ as well that recognize their courage and honoring them.


In Canada, there was a fortunate kid who survived from an attack by a cougar as there was a superhero that arrives to save the kid.

According to the CNN Reporting News, the superhero was none other than an 18-month old golden retriever, named “Angel”. I am serious they named this dog “Angel”.

In my opinion, she was a very brave superhero just like “Justice League Wonder Woman” that even though she may be a female, but she doesn’t give up without a fight!

Basically, she rescued her owner named Austin Forman, an 11-year old boy while in the backyard of their house in Boston Bar, British Columbia nearly 130 miles away at North of Vancouver while defending against the relentless assault from the cougar.

The important person that has witnessed the entire process was none other than Austin’s mum named Sherri Forman.

During 5.30pm, she noticed that Angel usually will dashed through and across their backyard when they are gathering to place the firewood outside. However, she was not as relaxed and cheery at ease as she used to be.

According to CNN, Forman told them Angel was very near to Austin which was surprising and out of the ordinary. It seems that Angel had the ability to recognize the unseen realities, possibilities that may happen after or before its occurance.

Hence, an unexpected assault had really happened and Angel sprint over quickly to protect Austin from danger by the cougar relentless attack.

Austin was very terrified and worried that the cougar is going to eat Angel u but Forman managed to tell her son to cool down and be grounded of not being fearful and negative that everything is going to be alright!

Forman straight away called the Police for help and assistance immediately to save Angel. Fortunately, the unit had arrived in time and managed to kill the cougar instantly.

Before the veterinary emergency ambulance has arrived, Angel was desperately hurt and damaged from the relentless attack from the heartless cougar.

However, even if the hero Angel has deep severe injuries, she still wants to double confirm that Austin is alright by smelling him and stay close to him.

After the ambulance had arrived, the emergency team immediately put the health safety support measure to Angel and takes her to the hospital.

According to Veterinarian Jack Anvik who is treating Angel at the Sardis Animal Hospital, he revealed and disclosed that Angel had horrible and unpleasant suffering during the treatment to her neck and leg.

However, good news is luckily and fortunately that all went well and they had arrived just in time for the vet to special treatment immediately if not she would have died.

Austin was very grateful and appreciate gratitude towards the guardian “Angel” who saved him and his life.

According to CNN, Austin and Forman said that they were very overjoyed when they heard from the vet that Angel is recovering and recuperating well from the injuries.

Anvik, the vet was very surprised as well that Angel was able to survive this fatal blow and impressed by this golden retriever’s courage and valor to protect this boy.



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