With its fox-like face and thick fur, the Shiba Inu has become quite a popular dog, and many are asking if it makes a good family dog.

This dog breed from Japan was used primarily for hunting, that’s why they are alert, attentive, and smart. While it tends to be hostile to other dogs because of its possessiveness over its territory, the Shiba Inu is loyal and protective.

They can also relate well with children as long as they are properly socialized.


But do they make good guard dogs? This was the same question a Shiba Inu owner asked. He wanted to find out what his dog would do if a burglar broke into the house, so he decided to pull a burglar prank on his dog Haru.

He mounted a camera on Haru’s back and set up other cameras in the house. Then he went out of the house and bid his dog goodbye.

He disguised himself as a burglar and wore a black outfit complete with a black mask. Thirty minutes later, he walked into his property using the side entrance so his dog wouldn’t see him from the window. He planned to enter the house through the back door.

When he entered the yard, a camera caught Haru looking attentively out the window. Haru could sense movement outside but he couldn’t see it. His alertness kicking in, he ran toward the back of the house and waited by the glass sliding door that gave him a view of the yard.

Suddenly his owner appeared in his burglar disguise. Haru appeared to watch him cautiously as he approached the door—but then his tail suddenly wagged. He recognized his owner even before he opened the door! When his owner came in, Haru jumped up on him excitedly.

The experiment showed that Haru was truly alert of his surroundings and picks up disturbance easily. However, he quickly recognized his owner’s scent so we can’t tell how he would have behaved with a real burglar.

This Shiba Inu was just too smart for a burglar prank.

Source: Haru the Shiba Inu via YouTube



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