Not all heroes wear capes, as the saying goes. Some of them come in different breeds, just like a German Shepherd named Buddy, who was recognized as a hero for what he did when his owner’s shed in Anchorage, Alaska caught fire.

His owner was working on something in the shed when a spark suddenly caused a fire. As the fire spread, Buddy and his owner got out successfully.

Then the dog owner told his German Shepherd, “We gotta get help.” At that, Buddy immediately ran out to get help.


An Alaskan state trooper responding to a call about a burning house was trying to locate the house. However, with his GPS frozen, he didn’t know which way to go, and he became frustrated knowing every second counted.

Out of nowhere, a German Shepherd appeared on the road. Somehow, he felt the need to follow the dog. When he did, the dog kept running through winding back roads, sometimes looking over his shoulder to make sure the trooper’s truck was behind him.

The dog led the state trooper right to the burning shed, where he was able to do the necessary rescue. Thanks to Buddy, he got there just in time. The German Shepherd was given a silver dog bowl in recognition of his heroic effort.

His owner said this wasn’t the first time Buddy had come to his rescue. He said Buddy had faced bears to protect him when he went fishing. He also rewarded Buddy for leading the state trooper to the right location: he bought him the biggest steak he could find.

Sadly, the hero dog was diagnosed with liver cancer, and after battling the disease for quite some time, his owner decided to put him down in 2016 to spare him from pain. Buddy will always be remembered as a hero, and he will be greatly missed.

Source: CasualEditor via YouTube



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