People with a disability sometimes find it hard to meet their best companion, especially when it comes to pets. Good thing, this man with a hearing disability is lucky enough to meet his soul mate: a deaf dog.

Nick Abbott, suffers from hearing disability. He was browsing Facebook to look for a possible pet dog. He came across Emerson, an adorable black Labrador.

North Florida Rescue’s Facebook page posted Emerson’s photo on Facebook. Abbott saw that the pup was up for adoption.


Abbott immediately felt a connection with Emerson. He said, they both have similarities, and they were both deaf. Abbott said that he knows how Emerson might have felt because they have a similar situation.

Emerson had some siblings. He was the only one left at the animal shelter. He’s been waiting for a forever home and family.

According to NFR, the dog may be feeling a little sad because all his siblings have already left with their new families. Although Emerson is deaf, he’s still an impressive and adorable pup who’s willing to share some love to his future human.

At first, Abbott was a bit hesitant about adopting Emerson because he already has a dog at home. However, Emerson kept popping on his head.

So, he decided to at least visit the pooch. When Abbott arrived at the center, Emerson immediately went to him, and he sat comfortably on Abbott’s foot. It’s as if the dog already knew him.

Then, Abbott realized that he really needed to keep Emerson as a pet. Now, the two of them is inseparable. Emerson stays near Abbott no matter where he goes.

The two is currently having some skills training. Abbott is trying to teach Emerson to understand sign language commands. Emerson seems to learn everything so fast.

Credits to ABC News for sharing this adorable feature!



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