Before their domestication, dogs didn’t need grooming, much less nail trimming. The rocks and the overall terrain where wild dogs often hunt somehow reduces their nails to manageable sizes. But gone are the days when the dogs used to hunt for food.

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Domesticated dogs now have everything provided for them by their pet owners. But domestication comes with a downside. Things that wild dogs didn’t pay much attention to, such as canine nails, now need extra care and maintenance. Without the need to hunt, there’s no need for domesticated dogs to venture into terrains that could keep their nails in top shape.


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There are several reasons why you should keep your dog’s nails short. Canine nails could grow so long that it could affect a dog’s overall health. Long nails could make moving a painful task for the affected dog. Even worse, the nails could curl and lodge into the dog’s skin – something that we believe you wouldn’t want to happen to your beloved dog.


The thing with canine nail trimming is that most dogs find it uncomfortable. It’s challenging because dogs detest it so much to the point of becoming aggressive towards their groomers. Some resort to professional groomers for nail trimming every time. But if you’re like most owners who want to save on a bit of money on grooming, you want to do it yourself. But how?

An ingenious method

Kendal Peifer, also a dog owner, knows how much his dog hates nail trimming. So, he devised an ingenious but a cheap method to make nail trimming easier. All he did was to use a handbag, poke some holes, and tadaaaaaa!

Isn’t it a great idea? If you have a dog who detests nail trimming, give this a try. Just make sure that your chosen handbag is durable enough to carry the weight of your beloved pooch. Good luck!

Our biggest thanks to Kendal Peifer for sharing the original story.



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