Easter is right around the corner, and kids are already as excited as ever. But the Easter Egg Hunt is not the only tradition we always see annually. Every year, Cadbury airs its ever iconic Cadbury Clucking Bunny Tryouts commercial.

However, this year is special. Instead of using the same age-old commercial that had not been changed for the last 35 years, they are now revamping it to feature one lucky pet to be this year’s Cadbury Easter Bunny.

Well, there were no written rules that the Easter Bunny should be an actual rabbit, and apparently, any pet of any kind can be the Cadbury bunny. For this year, a chubby and adorable bulldog has just stolen the role.


english bulldog, bully, dog

When the famous chocolate brand made its announcement, Henri, along with 4,000 other pets, sent in his most adorable photo wearing bunny ears. There were pet llamas in the pool of candidates, as well as a cute little gecko, a seemingly angry kitty, an innocent-looking goat, an actual gray rabbit, and several other doggies, all eager to star in the commercial.

Out of the thousands of vying entries, the 18-month-old English bulldog made it to the semifinals where he was finally crowned as the first ever Cadbury Easter Bunny, taking home a whopping $5,000 prize money. His debut commercial will be aired this April.

His winning shot was him in a very large and very pink bowtie while he shows off his rather adorable little frown and chubby skin folds. His owners, Tim and Kathie Santillo from Wilmington, North Carolina, shared how Henri really enjoys dressing up. Though he didn’t look entirely happy in his winning photo, he still stole the hearts of the judges.

Watch the behind the scenes of Henri’s utterly adorable Bunny Tryout.

Courtesy of HERSHEY’S



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