Puppies with cleft palate don’t survive for very long after birth because their condition doesn’t allow them to nurse from their mother. These puppies don’t stand a chance at survival without any help, which is what happened to a bulldog puppy named Quincy. Quincy was only two hours old when a woman rescued him.

The woman was from NorCal Bully Rescue, which is an animal rescue organization equipped with the necessary equipment to help dogs like Quincy to survive. Because Quincy was so tiny, she had to live in an incubator for a few weeks. They also needed to feed her by hand to give her the adequate nutrients she needed to survive and to grow strong and healthy.

The rescuers also placed a bag filled with warm water for Quincy to lay down on and snuggle on as if it was her siblings. She would even sleep with her face squished against the glass, which looks so adorable and made for great photos.


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Quincy thrived while living inside the puppy incubator. She ate and slept well, and by the fifteenth day, Quincy started to make puppy noises. Quincy was rapidly growing, that she was able to open her eyes earlier than usual.

After five weeks of living inside the incubator, Quincy finally grew strong and healthy enough to be let out into the world. She loved running around the house, and she also loved spending time with the other dogs in the house. Quincy is a spunky little puppy who would jump on other dogs to try and scare them or play with them.

When Quincy was almost three months old, she broke one of her legs. However, even with a cast on, it wouldn’t slow her down. She continued to be that active puppy that everyone knew. And, it only took thirty days for her fractured leg to heal fully.

Eventually, Quincy was put up for adoption when she became old enough. A woman named Lindsay had been following NorCal Bully Breed Rescue in social media. Lindsay and her partner, Alexander, had a bulldog before who recently passed away. Leslie, Quincy’s foster mom, posted on NorCal Bully Breed Rescue’s social media page that she’ll be bringing Quincy to San Francisco for a meetup.

Lindsay and Alexander decided to go to meet little Quincy just to cheer themselves up. When the couple met Quincy, they fell in love with her and decided to adopt her. Quincy is now living with an amazing family who loves her. She’s always full of energy and love that she never fails to bring a smile to Lindsay and Alexander’s faces. Here’s a heartwarming video on how Quincy grew up and how the luckiest people in the world adopted such an amazing dog.

Video Source The Dodo via YouTube



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