Basics in properly bathing your pup


Cleaning your puppy as soon as you get home will help them feel more comfortable in their new home.

However, there are some important considerations to make in order to enjoy your puppy’s bath time. For instance, you need to carefully cover their ears and eyes when shampooing their coat.

Things to do before bath time

Prepare all bath essentials including puppy soap and shampoo, rubber brush, towel, and tub mat. It’s important not to use products made for humans because your pup is extremely sensitive.


You can use your bathtub or bathroom sink to bathe your cute little puppy for more convenience.

Make sure to remove your puppy’s loose or excess fur with a rubber brush. Also, don’t forget to insert cotton balls in your fur baby’s ears to prevent water from entering. You can out your hand around their ears to make sure no water will infiltrate their sensitive body parts, especially their ear canals.

Tips to enjoy tub time

Before you put your puppy in the tub, make sure to adjust the water temperature as well as the pressure to avoid hurting your little buddy. Remember, pups should be bathed with lukewarm water and you may only use gentle strokes.

While putting your baby dog in your tub, hold the hand-held showerhead as far as one inch. Soak your dog with the water level up to his ears.

Clean his face by using your hands with a cloth. Massage his body with shampoo to thoroughly remove dirt from his skin and coat.

If your dog looks wrinkly, add more shampoo to get rid of those fuzzy furrows. Gently brush it to make sure the sludge is totally removed from the coat.

Just a reminder, do not let the shampoo get in your pup’s mouth, snout, ears, and eyes. It might irritate him and cause redness.

It’s also important to cover his ear canal when rinsing your dog’s face. To complete the tub time, rinse him well and make sure there’s no more shampoo in his coat.

Once the shampoo is rinsed, apply conditioner to keep his coat soft and shiny.

Drying your puppy

Use a clean towel to dry your puppy after a bath. But before you do that, allow your dog to shake off excess water in his coat. Dogs naturally do this when they’re wet, so it won’t be hard to dry them off.

Once your dog has shrugged off excess water from his body, dry him using a towel.

For puppies with long, thick coat, the blow dryer is the perfect way to dry them. However, set the dryer to low for a gentle blow-drying. Also, don’t point the dryer on their face.

Now you are perfectly ready to enjoy a bath time with your adorable puppy at home.

These simple bathing tips for puppies can make the experience a little more enjoyable with your new baby. Take note of the sensitive parts and give them a gentle bath they exactly deserve.



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