Most dogs dread bath time; whenever they hear the words “bath”, they seem to recognize it in a heartbeat nd scoot away to find someplace to hide.

Grooming is essential for any dog, so bath time doesn’t have to be all about chasing and convincing your dog to succumb to it. But there are ways to correct this.

In fact, there are ways to make your dog appreciate bath time more so that the next time around, he won’t have to act like a mad dog just to avoid bathing.


A little tweaking on your dog’s bath routine could possibly improve the experience; make it rewarding so that your dog will interpret bath time as a rewarding experience. This way you won’t have to force your dog to take a bath every time.

Also, try these tips and tricks to make bath time easier for both you and your dog.

1. Create a new routine for your dog before bath time

First of all, create a pleasant routine for your dog.

Don’t just pick him up, and simply drop him in the bathtub. He will certainly dread bath time every time that happens!

Here are some of the steps you can incorporate in your bath routine to make the experience more pleasant for your dog:
a. Walk your dog until he’s tired.
b. Brush your dog’s coat, and make sure to remove mats.
c. Trim your dog’s nails and clean your dog’s ears.
d. Brush your dog’s teeth using a soft-bristled toothbrush.
e. Make sure everything (including bathing supplies) is in place before you start bathing him.

2. Keep your calm before your dog

Dogs are better at detecting our emotions, even more than you think!

So, if you’re showing a calm and collected exterior to your dog, he will feel secure and would most likely to give in to bath time.

If your face is showing otherwise, it’s not surprising at all if your dog starts wiggling and struggling – he will become anxious at your demeanor! So, keep calm and relax, then do your thing.

3. Give your dog treats

Dogs often equate treats with good experiences. So, keep those yummy dog treats handy not only during playtime, but also before, during and after bath time.

With these treats, your dog will surely look forward to every bath time!

4. Make sure your water temperature is just right for your dog

Just like humans, dogs can’t tolerate too much heat or too much cold. So, make bath time easier for your dog by bathing him with water that is a little bit warmer than the room temperature.

Also, don’t startle your dog by pouring water on his face; start on his feet and work your way up.

5. Use the appropriate bath essentials for your dog

Dogs have extremely sensitive skin that even the gentlest baby wash could still irritate it. Therefore, the bath essentials that you will use on your dog should be the ones made specifically for them.

Also, make sure that after shampooing your dog, you rinse out any shampoo residue on your dog’s body.

6. Practice the craft of dog bathing

The abovementioned tips are usually effective, but the whole bath process becomes even easier if you practice, practice, and practice! Good luck!



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