Everybody loves receiving gifts, especially if they came from the world-famous Santa Claus. Though it’s quite far-fetched, still, the idea of receiving one from him is enough to get one happy for the entire holiday season.

As such, it’s not a surprise to see an adorable Newfoundland puppy gushing over her newest gift from Santa Claus. Though the pooch doesn’t show many facial expressions, you can see how she adores her gift through her gestures.

Ooh, what did you get, Kira?

In this short but adorable video footage, one can see a fluffy and cute Newfoundland puppy named Kira. At first glance, you’ll see that this puppy’s sitting comfortably on their living room couch.


However, it seems that Kira’s holding something as the video progresses. If you look more closely, you’ll eventually notice that the pooch’s biting on a cute stuffed toy capped with the cutest Santa Claus hat.

By the looks of it, little Kira got a present from the world-famous Santa Claus in the form of a stuffed animal. Though there’s nothing peculiar about the stuffed toy, it seems Kira’s ecstatic with her newest gift.

I love this, Mommy!

As the second’s pass, Kira can’t help showcasing her newest toy to Mom. The moment Mom asks her about the item she got, the excited pooch shows her the cute little bear.

At some point, Kira even raises her eyebrows as a form of response towards Mom’s inquiry. But, since she’s biting on her new toy, she can’t bark, lest she loses grip of the bear. The pooch even looks at Mom with the cutest puppy eyes to show her delight.

Though there’s nothing too fancy about Kira’s gift, it’s clear to see how much she enjoys her toy. If you can’t wait to witness Kira’s cute antics personally, click on the play button in the video link below.

Video Credit: Rumble Viral via YouTube



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