Sometimes, the things people leave behind become treasures for those who find them. This is certainly true for the dog in our story, a pit bull named Brutus.

Brutus’ owner left him when she moved away. He was abandoned in the house with no one to look after him. All he had was an opened bag of dog food that was lying on the floor.

A neighbor saw the dog peering from a fence and called Unchain Oklahoma, which helps abandoned and neglected dogs find new homes. Melody Parkins, who worked with the organization, and her husband decided to train Brutus so he would know how to respond to commands.


After more than a year of training, the pit bull, who used to growl and bark most of the time, was transformed into a friendly, obedient dog. He was ready for adoption.

Incidentally, Brutus got adopted by a family. It included two-year-old Jason, who suffered from seizures. The dog turned out to be just what the boy needed.

One evening, while Jason’s mother was sleeping, he had a seizure. Brutus immediately went to the boy’s mother and nudged her head to wake her up. Then the dog prompted her to go to Jason’s bedroom. She got there just in time to help him.

Jason’s mother found out Brutus could also sense if the boy was about to have a seizure. One day, as a seizure was about to hit, Brutus bit the collar of the toddler’s shirt and helped him sit up. After that, he barked to call the family’s attention to Jason’s condition.

Brutus alerted the toddler and his family that a seizure was imminent. And he did this without training; the ability seemed to be natural to him.

Eventually, Brutus’ family had him trained as a service dog. The pit bull, who was once abandoned, is now a certified service dog. Watch Brutus’ amazing journey in the following video.

Credits to: FOX23 News Tulsa



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