Animal Aid Unlimited rescues injured and sick stray dogs with the goal of bringing them back to health. Their services are not limited to just saving dogs, but they also rescue cows, donkeys, and other animals that are reportedly injured. It’s their mission to inspire communities around India to protect and help stray dogs in their community.

Now and then, an Animal Aid Volunteer would drive around to look for stray dogs, and in one of their rounds they saw a stray who was in really bad shape, curled up beside the road. The volunteer described the dog as being weak, severely malnourished and suffering from mange.

They knew right away that he badly needs help and immediate medical attention. Without proper treatment, the dog will not last long, and so, the volunteers decided to use a net to catch the stray dog to prevent him from running away.


They took him to Animal Aid Unlimited’s shelter where he continued to curl; the staff described him as “exhausted and inward.” It’s as if he lost hope and was waiting for death to claim his soul.

The dog was weak and couldn’t move a lot, but he was able to gather enough strength to move his head and eat the biscuit given to him.

The in-house veterinarian assessed his condition and found out that he was severely dehydrated. They immediately started to hydrate him by giving him fluids through his vein. They also addressed his severe mange problem by giving him a medicated bath every day.

In less than two weeks, he became unrecognizable and no longer skin and bones. Also, his mange problem is got better as his fur started to grow back. Their tireless efforts transformed a mangy dog back to health.

Watch the video below:

Video source: Animal Aid Unlimited, India via YouTube



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