Dogs are known for their loyalty. Once they are shown love and affection by their humans, they know just how to reciprocate. Even in the event of their owner’s death, most dogs will never forget their beloved humans.

Take for instance the story of Cesur, Turkey’s answer to Japan’s Hachiko. Cesur refused to eat and enjoy all the things he had previously enjoyed as soon as his human, Mehmet,  was taken to a hospital. He knew something was wrong and he was unfortunately right.

Cesur eventually outlived his owner, Mehmet, who peacefully had his last breath at a hospital. Mehmet’s family brought him home for the funeral services. Cesur stayed near his owner’s casket throughout.


heartbroken dog

Photo courtesy of The Wagging Dog

When the day of Mehmet’s burial came, Cesur walked ahead of his owner’s family and friends. He led the funeral procession and looked just as heartbroken as every other human there. Cesur then went home with Mehmet’s son, Ali.

This is where this story becomes even more heart-tugging. The day after Mehmet’s funeral, Cesur returned to his deceased human’s grave for a visit. Cesur has been making these daily visits to his friend’s grave ever since.

The employees of the cemetery where Mehmet had been buried feel for Cesur, the loyal dog. They see him every morning and they greatly sympathize for Cesur. They are heartbroken for the dog, and, at the same time, they admire Cesur’s utmost loyalty to Mehmet.

Mehmet’s son, Ali, now takes care of Cesur. He vows that he will shower Cesur with the same love and affection his father had shown the dog. If only to express his gratitude for how Cesur stayed fervently devoted to his old man.

This story is yet another testament to our canine friend’s capacity for unrivaled loyalty and devotion. They are truly our best friends.



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