It’s so hard to lose a dog who you treat like your own baby. And it’s probably just as hard for the dog to lose his human family.

For over one year, Jake the dog has gone missing from his family in Arizona. After their frantic search and no Jake turned up, they have sadly moved on with their lives and assumed the worst.

But in a dazzling twist of fate, the family found out that their beloved Coonhound dog was alive and in good condition. The only bummer was that Jake was 2,000 miles away from them.


Jake in Pennsylvania


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It was fortunate that Adam Herbaugh of Pennsylvania found Jake. According to Adam, he was taking his dogs for a walk when he saw Jake wandering the streets. Adam took Jake home and then brought him to the animal hospital.

During the check-up, the doctors found that Jake had a microchip implant. They were able to contact Jake’s family back in Arizona and confirmed that they are indeed the owners of the missing dog.

Nobody has any idea how Jake turned up thousands of miles away from home, but they were undoubtedly delighted to find out that their dog was after all alive and well.

The only problem now was how to get Jake to his family in Arizona.

A drive relay to reunite Jake with his family

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A Darrah Bull Bully Rescue, an animal rescue group, launched a campaign to drive Jake home. They gathered 20 volunteer drivers, asking them to drive Jake 100 miles each until the dog reaches his family in Arizona.

The drive took three days to complete, spanning nine states and 30 stops in total. For sure, Jake has bonded with 20 different strangers during the ride and won a friend in each one of them.

Finally, after the very long road trip, Jake was back in his family’s arms once again, and all of them were very happy for the reunion.

Watch Jake’s journey back home in this heartwarming video courtesy of Inside Edition.



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